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Over three decades of expertise in real estate & tech startups laid the foundation of Vairt. With the vision of making real estate more accessible to common man Founder & CEO Vairt Jamil Ahmed Sukhera established Vairt in 2019. From then to till day our idea is going well, people connected with us are getting their high return on investment. We have trusted customers over the globe. Come join us & let us make your real estate investment experience easier.

Foundation motive of Company

Foundation motive of Company

The real estate market has been a source of investment for generations, providing investors high return on investment. People are making money from real estate, but this was centralized to few people with high capital investment & certain kind of networks. Traditionally real estate market was not accessible for many people it's been reserved for those with special know-how, connections, and access to huge quantities of capital. This has made the investment in real estate for commercial property out of the reach of the vast majority of people -- until Vairt came into market. Vairt establishment was aimed to revolutionize real estate investments, with the core motive to make real estate investment more accessible to common public & to liquidate their assets. The concept of liquidation was also not much practical in real estate. Although the concept of crowdfunding started & then there was a blockchain technology. What Vairt has done is to combine two new concepts & presented a practical solution to investors to liquidate their real estate assets.

Vairt is a marketplace where you can easily access the high returning properties, you dont have to buy whole property but you can invest in those properties by buying few share. Your sahre will be in liquid form in Vairt vallet & you can easily sell those shares when ever you want and withdraw you return on investment. Simple is that! This how Vairt make real estate investment easy for you.


Providing common people awareness about high ROI real estate & guiding them about how to build a diversified real estate portfolio.

Save your energy & Time
Save your energy & Time

We will manage things, even from your end. And will help you to make your decision better.


Enabling you to generate passive source of income from well diversified real estate portfolio.

Exclusive access to high-quality institutional real estate

Exclusive access to high-quality institutional real estate

The Vairt method combines personalized service along with a proven business discipline as well as data-driven insight. This allows Members to construct their own portfolios of real estate by diversifying their holdings through investments in properties of their own.

The lookup of buildings in areas that are
favorable economic conditions, managed by operators
with local knowledge

With Vairt platform you'll gain access to an array of commercial real property investment opportunities, including retail, office, multifamily and ground-up development in hundreds of locations across the country.

  • Ground-up construction opportunities
    Ground-up construction opportunities
  • Join forces with select real estate agents with demonstrated expertise
    Join forces with select real estate agents with demonstrated expertise
  • It is essential to ensure transparency at all stages of the process
    It is essential to ensure transparency at all stages of the process

Our Team

Jamil Ahmed Sukhera

Cheif Executive Officer, Co- Founder

Sabeen Ahmed

Cheif Marketing Officer, Co-Founder

Will Appleton

Cheif Sales Officer

Shabaan Rizvi

Chief Operating Officer

Sheharyar Maneka

Chief Product Officer

Aftab Sharif

Chief Technology Officer

Mahran Sarwar

Chief Design Officer

Sameer Ali

Chief Creative Officer

Bilal Raza

Sales and Marketing Manager

Laci Sharp

Portfolio Manager

Marlene Lee

Operations Manager

Sheila Myrick

Community Manager


Property Manager


Property Manager


Property Manager


Property Manager

Board of Advisors:

Mike bukata

Investor - Advisor

Asim Masood


Muhammad Zakir Islam


Mohammad S. Haq



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