How much money can you earn with real estate?

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Let's assume you invested $ in a $ 100,000 Property and started earning % annually. You would have earned $ 1,400 compared to simply leaving your money in the bank. Assuming constant returns, if you held your investment for 5 years, the total income earned from rent would amount to $ 7,000. if the price of the property falls. you've still earned a healthy return on your investment by simply investing it.

However, if we assume that your investment appreciates % a year. In 5 years the property's value would be worth $ 110,408 and your original investment of $ 20,000 would be worth $ 22,081.

Cumulative Earnings

1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year

Market Appreciation

Net Dividend yield payment

Investment amount


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