Why Use Vairt?

Own an investment property for the price of your
daily coffee

We Use A Data-Driven And Analytical Approach

Vairt analyzes property investment opportunities using a 100-point proprietary screening tool and independent third-party market data to assess the investment attractiveness of each property.

For every 100 properties analyzed, only a handful meet our rigorous criteria and are listed onto the platform.

Helping Everyday People
Grow Their Wealth

We give you the opportunity to invest in real estate for as little as $25000.

Once you are ready to make an investment, you can make an investment in less than 2 minutes. Sit back and relax as your property gets funded.

Invest with confidence

All properties on our platform are listed for 30 days to give investors ample time to raise funds.

If a property is not funded within that period for any reason, your investment amount is refunded to your digital wallet at no cost, giving you the flexibility to reinvest or withdraw.

A Transparent Ownership

Once 100% of the funds are raised by investors, Vairt creates a LLC for each property.

We divide each SPV into one million shares and allocate your shares proportionate to your investment. This means that you own the SPV, which in turn owns the investment property. It’s all regulated and transparent!

Earn Hassle-Free Income

Do your thing without the hassles of active management. Rental income from each of your properties is transferred into your digital wallet where you can reinvest or withdraw funds any time. Best of all, Vairt takes care of everything so you can get back to what matters to you. Register, browse, invest and earn. It’s that simple.

Determine When You Want To
Sell Your Investment

For the majority of people, real estate should be treated as a long-term investment. Therefore, we recommend a holding period of 5 years.

However, you get to decide when you want to sell your shares in your investment property. Alternatively, investors can call for a vote amongst themselves at any point in time and look for options to sell the entire property on the market.


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